Intern Program

i1ntern photoAmity Institute’s Educational Internship Program provides future educators from other countries the opportunity to gain teaching skills under the direct supervision of a certified teacher in an American classroom. In addition, interns often serve as living models of language and culture. Our interns offer a native perspective on their language, culture and country, enabling their students to better understand and appreciate the languages they study.download (9)


Teacher Program

teacher programThe Amity Teacher Program arranges for qualified teachers to serve as temporary paid faculty at primary and secondary levels. International teachers can be assigned for up to three years.  Our international teachers currently educate American students in a variety of fields. The cultural aspect of the program requires teachers to complete a cultural activity component each year of program participation.  download (9)


the bean

Making the Best out of Going Abroad

When someone decides to participate in an exchange program abroad, one of the biggest tasks ahead is adjusting to the new environment after leaving familiar surroundings and customs behind.  It is wise to mentally prepare for an initially uncomfortable period and to put helpful strategies into action.  It is important to keep in mind that, with the exception of a few lucky ones, everyone goes … [Read More...]

octave moumpala

alumni Impressions

When Octave Moumpala joined Amity for the school year 1980-1981 as the first French speaking participant from Congo it was not clear what his future would hold. He writes, “It’s been more than 30 years since I was an Amity Intern in Topsham, Maine. I still have wonderful memories from my experience and am still in […]

focus on education

Focus on Education

Here are some current news articles about teaching, multiculturalism, and bilingual education. Click the links below to read more. How bilingualism could benefit the brain: This Bostinno article discusses how bilingualism sharpens the brain and helps maintain its functioning power. Foreign Languages: How to Memorize Vocabulary: This … [Read More...]

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